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Tribasic Copper Chloride

1. Physical and chemical functions of copper in animals.

Copper is a cofactor of many enzymes in animals and is involved in oxidative phosphorylation, free radical detoxification, melanin synthesis, catecholamine metabolism, connective tissue crosslinking, iron and amine oxidation, uric acid metabolism, blood coagulation, hair formation and other metabolic processes. Copper is also necessary for glucose metabolism, cholesterol metabolism, bone calcification, immune function, myelination, thermoregulation, erythropoiesis, leucogenesis, cardiac function, hormone secretion and gene expression.

2. the amount of copper required by animals

In the case of favorable copper absorption, the copper requirement for pigs and chickens is 4~5mg/kg daily ration, and for ruminants is 8~10mg/kg daily ration. 

3. product quality standard

Product name

Executive standard

Main element content and hygiene index



Tribasic Copper Chloride




Dark green and light green powder or granule

Pass250 μm ≥95%

4. packaging specifications

according to customer requirements 25kg/bag, 1000kg/bag  .


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